1. Convegno PTV

    Convegno PTV


    Ti aspettiamo al PTV Traffic Italy User Group Meeting!!!
    Organizzato da TPS srl e PTV SISTeMA srl, l’evento è rivolto a tutti coloro che si occupano di mobilità, traffico e trasporti. (more…)

  2. Intelligence in Mobility

    Intelligence in Mobility


    slide - barca

    From the single traveler lost in traffic, to the head of a Traffic or Transit Management Centre, we want our clients to evolve from the collection of traffic data to the production and use of effective and reliable transport management strategies, traffic control decisions and mobility information.

  3. Traffic Forecast & Management

    Traffic Forecast & Management


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    …. Predict road congestion before it happens.
    Evaluate on-the-fly the consequence of an accident on traffic.
    Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to traffic management and control.

    PTV Optima
    PTV Optima Public Transport ETA
    TRE Add-In


  4. Dinamic Routing & Journey Planning

    Dinamic Routing & Journey Planning


    sile - dinamic - v2

    Provide reliable, on-time, useful traveler information.
    Identify optimal routes based on actual network and service conditions.



  5. Real time model based forecast

    Real time model based forecast

    Luca Paone,
    Solution Director for PTV Optima,
    talks about why we need real time model based forecast.

    Instead of being stuck in traffic, you could be enjoying a good Italian coffee. You want to know how?
    Just listen to Luca!

    Paone - video

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